What happened to Double Dog?

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Over 1 million users, 5 million videos, and a huge community behind the app.

But Double Dog had a problem:  56 rejections from the major app stores in two-years.  To clarify, that’s about one rejection every other week.

Sometimes the rejections were valid and objective.  Those were easier because we simply fixed the issue and as a result the app would be approved.  But it wasn’t always that simple.  For example, when a new person joined their review-team, we’d get a rejection for reasons previously discussed at length.  And as a result it would take weeks to get their new team-member up to speed and the app approved again. Certainly deadly for a startup.

But even harder was being rejected for vague reasons. Those not only destroyed morale, but also took the longest to solve; sometimes months.  Picture a hard-working team of designers, engineers, and marketing working 14hr days to submit a new release.  They get it all ready and “submit for review”.   Excitement level is high.  Users are contacted.  A few days go by.  We wait.  Then a rejection note comes in:  Your app was rejected for having hidden features.  The team is confused, so we instantly reply: what hidden features?  No response for a full week.  When a response finally comes it reads something like this:  The hidden features are hidden so we don’t know what they are or where they are. You are welcome to make changes to your application and resubmit it for review.

It was hard to keep anyone involved with the company motivated.

Double Dog didn’t have the financial means to survive in this environment.

If you are here looking for something similar you can try Anonymous Request.

Thank you all for the continuous support.

It has been nothing short of fantastic to work with this incredible user-base.


The Double Dog team

Dares to Do

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Top 100 Dares to Do with Friends

With millions of dares entered by users, Double Dog has the largest database of good dares in the world.  Funny dares, silly dares, crazy dares, and any other type of dare that you can think of, we’ve got it.  But this post if all about dares to do with friends.  We’ve compiled the list of the top 100 most used dares in Double Dog that you can easily do with friends.  Enjoy!  And if you have an idea for good dares to do with friends please add it in the comments. Enjoy!

Dares to do image

Dares to do image

Top 100 Dares to Do with Friends

Wall Twerk
Lick A Random Object
Take A Selfie With Your Finger Up Your Nose
Kiss Something That Does Not Breathe!
Make A Fish Face
Tell Me A Secret
Wrap Your Head In Toilet Paper Like A Mummy And Sing A Song.
Surprise Me
Send A Duckface Selfie
Give Someone A Wet Willy
Take The Item To Your Right And Throw It!
Blow In Someone’S Ear
Yell “I’M Naked!” In A Crowded Area
Balance A Spoon On Your Nose
Send Me A Selfie
Hit Record And Then Toss Your Pone Across The Room
Lick A Bar Of Soap
Lick Your Elbow
Eat A Whole Banana In One Bite
Pretend To Swim On The Floor, Outside On The Ground, Or Anywhere Else That Is Not Water
Make A Pterodactyl Sound
Do The Chicken Dance
Bite Something That Is Not Food.
Do The Running Man Challenge
Do Something In Slow Motion
Eat A Toilet Paper Square
Give Someone Or Yourself A Wedgie
Hug A Tree
Do The Worm
Rub Condiments On Your Face And Yell “I’M A Tasty Sausage”
Take A Mirror Selfie
Tell Someone That He/She Is Beautiful!
Take A Selfie With Your Pet
Take A Shot Of Hot Sauce
Eat Toilet Paper
Lick Your Nose
Slap A Mailbox
Whip Someone With Your Hair
Cross Your Eyes
Ring The Neighbor’S Doorbell And Run
Send A Selfie From The Bed
Do The Sprinkler Dance
Pretend An Inanimate Object Is Your Baby
Moonwalk Across The Room
Scare Someone
Sing To Me
Give A High Five While Saying An Insult
Send An Abs Selfie
Shout “Oh Yeah!” And Burst Through A Wall Like The Kool-Aid Man
Flick Something With Your Finger
Send An Extreme Selfie
Take An ‘I Just Woke Up’ Selfie
Act Like A Baby
Stick You Finger Between Your Toes, Then In Your Armpit, Then Lick It
Snort A Line Of Mustard
Do The Cinnamon Challenge
Sing “Don’T Stop Believin'” By Journey
Do Your Best Belly Dance
Touch Your Open Eye With Your Finger.
Take A Selfie
Poke Something. Hard.
Sing “When I Was A Young Warthog” Like Pumba In The Lion King
Fill Your Mouth With Whipped Cream And Run Down The Street Screamimg “I Have Rabies”
Show Me Your Muscles
Send A ‘Show You My Good Side’ Selfie
Put A Dirty Sock In Your Mouth
Dress Up Like The Opposite Sex
Leave A Note On Someone’S Car Apologizing For An Accident That Never Actually Happened
Say The Alphabet Backwards
Do An Air-Drum Solo
Play Some Music And Dance
Sing “Call Me Maybe” By Carly Rae Jepsen
Eat Half A Stick Of Butter
Paint Your Front Tooth Black To Look Like You Are Missing One.
Take An Unseen Selfie
Army Crawl Through Your Neighbor’S Yard, Be Fast And Quiet
Share A Secret
Make A Sunnyd Commerical – Starting Yourself
Pretend To Have Caught Bieber Fever
Sniff A Dog’S Butt
Rap Any 50 Cent Song In Six Seconds – Exclude Choruses
Sing “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” By Cyndi Lauper
Fist Pump
Sing In Public
Put A Large Cooking Pot On Your Head And Hit It With A Spoon To Make It Ring
Lick Something Plastic
Eat A Raw Egg
Do The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge
Do A Split
Eat A Flower
Sit On A Cupcake
Flex Your Bicep
Take A Selfie From A High Place
Sing “Say My Name” By Destiny’S Child
Itch Your Armpit With Your Big Toe
Show Me A Funny Picture From The Internet
Write Your Parents A Text Telling Them You Love And Appreciate Them
Leave $1 And A Note On Someone’S Windshield
Fart In A Hat And Ask Someone To Smell It
Put Your Leg Behind You Head

This Week’s Winners

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Let’s check in with this week’s winners.

Each week the top three most daring Top Dogs get prizes, fame, and bragging rights. Here’s a snapshot of what they did to earn it!

1st Place – User: luketaka79 Total: 24621

Go skinny dipping


2nd Place – User: QueenNiakkon Total: 22761

Do something that only chicken little would do


3rd Place  – User: RaceTo1stPlace Total: 17009

Start a conga line

Double Dog Prevents Shirking

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Double Dog prevents shirking with an innovative approach.

Shirk (verb) –  to evade one’s work or duty,  to practice fraud or trickery

Shirking on a dare is the act of not paying what is owed. Shirking cannot happen in Double Dog. Here’s why.

Every dare has an initiator, the person who sends the dare, and a partner, the person who receives it. The initiator may pay one times the original dare amount or, if the partner doubles it back and the initiator chickens out, three times. As a result, three times the original amount is set aside from the initiator’s balance at dare creation.

The partner may end up paying twice the original dare amount if he/she doubles back and the initiator satisfactorily completes the dare. So twice the original amount is set aside from the partner’s balance at dare acceptance.

Since all funds that might be required for payment are accounted for before the parties begin the dare and payment of those funds is automatic, neither party ever has the opportunity to shirk. When the dare completes and payment is made, all funds held in reserve and not used for payment are returned to their owners.

This is one of the many mechanisms that makes Double Dog dares distinct, and ensures that your dare experience is safe, fair, and fun.



This Week’s Winners

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Let’s check in with this week’s winners.

Each week the top three most daring Top Dogs get prizes, fame, and bragging rights. Here’s a snapshot of what they did to earn it!

1st Place – User: johndawnstar Total: 20272

Break two eggs over your forehead


2nd Place – User: robinicko Total: 17379

Build a tower using red cups and destroy it using karate


3rd Place  – User: juicydares Total: 7390

Do a vape trick

Double Dog is Going Global

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Double Dog is catching fire world wide. As of today there are returning users in 94 countries.

The fastest growing cities outside the United States are Ottawa, London, Tel Aviv, Quezon City, and Beirut.

Which is most daring?

Quezon City, Philippines takes the cake. Top Dog robinicko came in 2nd place in the weekly competition. And he swims with sharks.

double dog cebu philippines

This Week’s Winners

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Let’s check in with this week’s winners.

Each week the top three most daring Top Dogs get prizes, fame, and bragging rights. Here’s a snapshot of what they did to earn it!

1st Place – User: baconxman Total: 16685

Show me a picture from your camera roll


Jax and Joshua Nolet from the Dutch band Chef’Special


2nd Place – User: krystina Total: 14639

Bury your whole face in a pile of flour and say, “Double Dog made me do this.”


3rd Place  – User: natureboy Total: 4238

Play rock paper scissors with the mirror

Double Dog Featured in People Magazine

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Double Dog is being featured in People! This People Exclusive by reporter Nicole Sands makes public what every Double Dog user already knows, that Double Dog is the real life Nerve app.

New ‘Double Dog’ App Brings Dave Franco’s Truth-or-Dare Thriller Nerve to Life – as Founders Say It’s ‘Safe’

Dave Franco and Emma Roberts‘ new film Nerve – centered around an online game of truth or dare that starts innocent but turns sinister – is coming to life right before your eyes with the Double Dog app.