Double Dog boasted impressive statistics with over 1 million users and 5 million videos, supported by a robust community. However, the journey was not without significant hurdles.

In just two years, Double Dog faced 56 rejections from major app stores, averaging about one every two weeks. Some of these rejections were clear-cut and objective, allowing us to quickly address the issues and secure approval. However, these straightforward fixes were not always the norm.

Challenges often arose with changes in the app review teams. New reviewers sometimes brought up issues that had been previously resolved, leading to delays that could span weeks as we worked to bring them up to speed and navigate through the approval process once more. Such delays are particularly taxing for a startup.

Even more daunting were the rejections for vague reasons, which not only sapped our team’s morale but also resulted in the longest delays—sometimes extending for months. Imagine our team of dedicated designers, engineers, and marketers laboring for 14-hour days to prepare a new release, buzzing with anticipation, only to receive a rejection notice citing “hidden features” with no further explanation. The lack of immediate feedback from the review team only compounded the frustration and confusion.

These ongoing challenges proved too great for Double Dog, lacking the financial resources to endure such an uncertain environment. For those seeking an alternative, you might consider exploring Anonymous Request.

We extend our deepest gratitude for the unwavering support that has been nothing short of phenomenal. Working with such an incredible user base has been a remarkable experience.

With sincere appreciation,

The Double Dog Team