Dare a friend

Send and receive dares from anyone.  But any dare you send may come back to you as a Double Dog dare!

Get video proof

For every dare you complete, you need to send video or photo proof. Dares are filmed in the app so you know you’re getting a real proof!

Make money

Dares are for real money or for points! Ever in a dispute? Send it to trial and let the public decide.

double dog dares
Double Dog Dares

Share your videos – Get likes – Win Prizes

Dare. Share. Win Money. Make Friends. Be Daring. Explore Creativity.
Join and experience this is growing community of daring friendly people.

App Reviews

The Next Big Thing

Double Dog is such a blast for me. It’s not a video game you sit and play or a social media app you log onto every once in a while. It’s something in between. It’s an amazing app, and we need to make it famous. I believe it could be the next big app! Rock on!  – Benjamama

Its a way to have fun and enjoy life!

So not only do you get people to dare you to do crazy things but a lot of the time its WICKED fun and makes you enjoy life for what it is! I suggest this app to anyone and everyone! – DJXage