Thank you for all your support!

We started Double Dog as a way to prove out our smart contracts platform.  And then we got addicted to the experience and the community that emerged behind the app.  We envision Double Dog to become a totally new form of social interaction.  You can chat, post videos, get followers, get likes, and compete in our tournament for prizes.  All pretty standard.  What makes Double Dog unique is the action.  We are humans, animals of the earth.  And we’ve been programmed for action from the early days.  It was just very recently that we became couch potatoes, looking down on a small screen, giving likes to get likes.   Let’s go back to doing stuff!   And let’s incentivize our friends to do stuff too.  When people do things together, they become close.  They learn about one another. Friendships quickly emerge.  We experience this on a daily basis in the Double Dog app.

We hope you share our excitment.

So stop reading and start acting.

Send a dare.  Do a dare.  Make friends.  Have fun!