Double Dog prevents shirking with an innovative approach.

Shirk (verb) –  to evade one’s work or duty,  to practice fraud or trickery

Shirking on a dare is the act of not paying what is owed. Shirking cannot happen in Double Dog. Here’s why.

Every dare has an initiator, the person who sends the dare, and a partner, the person who receives it. The initiator may pay one times the original dare amount or, if the partner doubles it back and the initiator chickens out, three times. As a result, three times the original amount is set aside from the initiator’s balance at dare creation.

The partner may end up paying twice the original dare amount if he/she doubles back and the initiator satisfactorily completes the dare. So twice the original amount is set aside from the partner’s balance at dare acceptance.

Since all funds that might be required for payment are accounted for before the parties begin the dare and payment of those funds is automatic, neither party ever has the opportunity to shirk. When the dare completes and payment is made, all funds held in reserve and not used for payment are returned to their owners.

This is one of the many mechanisms that makes Double Dog dares distinct, and ensures that your dare experience is safe, fair, and fun.