We have released Double Dog to 500 lucky Android users. These will be the first individuals to demo the Android version of the app. Thank you for signing up and congratulations on being picked!

I double dog dare you to let me in!

Love trying out new things, wanna get dared to do anything and everything!

I’m ready for the dare

This looks amazing and fun! Im totally in if I’m picked!

Brilliant really, I have a great interest in this app and it’s future



Tester feedback will be compiled and analyzed by the Double Dog Team. The general audience release will follow as swiftly as possible.

And a LOT of updates to both Android and iOS will follow after that.

Veteran Top Dogs, please mentor the new Android beta testers! Add them to your existing dare groups and help them get oriented. Keep in mind that they may be facing UI obstacles that you are not.

Android beta testers, thank you for being so eager to test this exciting new app. You are already helping immensely (see below).

first come first serve

Trivia: Dave was Android user before the release of Double Dog on iOS. Now her will be dual wielding.