Q: Can I win real money?

A: Yes!  Send 10 dares to level up and activate Elite Mode to start getting cash dares. 

Q: How do I send a dare?

A: Click the upper left icon on the dares tab.  Dare users directly or send a dare roulette.

Q: What are Stars?

A: Stars are a special breed. They get money for being awesome.  Visit the Dare Star Page for more.

Q: How old to use this app?

A: Double Dog is rated M for mature audience only.  Please report if you see kids in the app. 

Q: How do I disable Safe Mode?

A: Go to the settings page and look for “Filter”. Must be 18 or older to disable safe mode.

Q: Can I follow a #dare?

A: Yes!  I.E.  Follow “make a funny face” to start getting funny faces on your home feed.

Q: Where do I find #dares to follow?

A: Find dares and users to follow on the ranking tab.

Q: How can I get featured?

A: It’s simple. Share great videos and you shall be featured.

Q: What’s the best way to win bones?

A: Go Live!