Use Double Dog’s first Reverse Marketing Platform and leverage the power of millions to drive direct value to your business. Read on to find out more information or contact us to become a part of this growing community!

Turn Anything into a Dare

Think of a dare as a small creative task.  If you are looking for a large number of people to take a specific action, then turn you can easily turn it into a dare.  Anything from “try out this mobile app” to “create a six second commercial” can become a dare!

How Does It Work?

  1. Define the dare
  2. Set the amount
  3. Set your target audience
  4. Set the quantity
  5. SEND

Start getting responses within minutes.  Manage it all from Double Dog’s simple web-based marketing platform.

Companies have been leveraging the power of Double Dog to:

  • Drive high-value actions from Double Dog users
  • Generate fresh video content for social media marketing
  • Generate on-demand video content for programmatic marketing
  • Gather focus group type of data by getting users to express their opinions

High Depth of Engagement

When a dare goes out, you get much more than the dare in return.

  • Curate fresh user-generated content
  • Build brand awareness
  • Get users to interact with your products
  • Gain brand and product insights through one-on-one interactions

If you are interested in using the Double Dog system for marketing purposes, please contact us here.

There is currently a wait list in place and priority is being given to companies that enhance the Double Dog users’ experience.