The Dirty 30 Challenge

The Dirty 30 Challenge is 15 Dares to be completed in 30 Minutes. Once you open the 1st Dare, the timer starts. You can only open 3 Dares at a time. No Double Dares back. Any Dare not completed in 30 Minutes MUST be dared back. This challenge is for Pride. Not everyone can complete The Dirty 30 Challenge. If you are able to complete The Dirty 30 Challenge in under 20 minutes, then ask about The Power Hour. 40 Dares in 60 Minutes. These challenges were created by Jonathan & Will, read more below:

Name: Jonathan
Username: JLOdom
Age: 27
Living in St Augustine, Florida
I enjoy the creativity, fun, and built relationships that can be had with the Double Dog App. There are several people I enjoy doing dares with and talking to daily. In order to have a better dare, you need to be more creative with the dare!

Name: Will
Username: DorkFish
Age: 29
Living in Buffalo, New York
The absolute best thing that I love about the Double Dog App is the chance you get to be creative and funny. I get more reward from a 1 bone dare that has me in tears laughing than a $1 extreme dare. Get people out of their box and be spontaneous!!