Yes, the competition gets more intense every week. And yes, Top Dogs dare for greatness in everything we do.

Nonetheless, it has come time to lay down a guiding principle.

The way to climb the in the rank of Top Dogs is to be more daring.

Pure and simple right?

Doing more dares and sending more dares are the first ways to be daring.

One level of refinement beyond that is to create fabulous proofs that folks will Like, and to create ingenious dares that they will Copy and send on to others.

A single great creative contribution can garner hundreds or even thousands of points in the weekly competition.

Beyond those ways to show daring, you can also share proofs with people outside the app to show them what you’re made of.



Altogether, those are the 6 facets of daring that determine the winners each week.


  1. Do not create fake accounts
  2. Do not dare others to Like your proofs
  3. Do not send impossible, exploitive, or dangerous dares
  4. Do not in any other way violate the guiding principle

Fight mediocrity. Respect the principle. Happy daring!