Here at Double Dog, we dare to be great. What is more, we owe it to our fabulous users to be in persistent pursuit of perfection. And you have always been there to help us achieve it.

Most recently, you helped us out by responding to a poll that we sent through the app. You told us how we are doing and what we need to do better.


On average you gave us four out of five stars. That’s good, but we will do better.

Here are just a few of the of the many useful things you told us.

I love the concept of the game but wish it was on android

We’ve got you covered Android users. The beta version of the android app will be out in the next few weeks. Sign up here to be a to be added to the private beta waitlist.

Make a ‘get new dare’ option

The fastest way to get a bunch of dares is to accept roulette dares before anyone else does. You have to have your finger on the buzzer! The most strategic way is to get to know people in the app, share great proofs, and send creative roulette dares. When people know you are daring, they will send you more dares than you can handle.

Trails need to be more fair

Improving the Trial system is very high on our priority list. Right now the false negative rate (Trial rejects a proof which it should not) is marginally acceptable, but the false positive rate (Trial accepts a proof which it should not) is higher than we wish to tolerate going forward. Expect improvement in the next couple months. We will alter the formula until perfection is achieved.

Not a fan of the sexy selfie dares

This is a user moderated community, based of relationships and communication. It is everyone’s responsibility to inform newcomers about our community standards. In addition, do not hesitate to make use of the Block and Flag features. The system receives reports of such activity takes automatic action where appropriate.

JLO is too arousing

Okay, well this cannot be helped : – )

We love receiving your feedback. Chat with on the Double Dog app at the TeamDoubleDog account. Make use of the Feedback page in the Settings menu. And drop us a line at anytime.