As one of the top DoubleDog users on the App, I wanted to bring the DD Community an extra feature. So I will be creating weekly DoubleDog Dare Compilation videos to feature 20+ users in a video doing the same Dare. This week I am starting the compilation off with the Dare: “Tell Me A Secret”! I will be providing these videos on a weekly basis coming out every Friday. This coming Friday, we will be taking a look at the Dare: “Use Your Best Pickup Line On Me” from over 25 different users! Want to see a specific Dare Compilation? Comment below with the Dare you want to see!

Tell Me A Secret:

On top of that this past week I released a video doing a Dare for $3.00. Although the proof was only 6 seconds long, the video wound up being much longer as my friend and fellow App user Syrio01 got me all wrapped up as a Sushi Roll and proceeded to perform 9 other Dares on me. I couldn’t avoid it and he had his daring way with me. Check it out below, as he gets me really good in the end… TWICE!

$3 Sushi Roll Dare:

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As always, if you need any help with the DoubleDog App, you can watch my tutorial video below. You can also comment and I’ll reply ASAP, or send an email to Any of these methods will get you the assistance that you need! – JLOdom

Double Dog Full Walkthrough Tutorial